Brand Standards

The visual elements of the Elkford brand are reflective of the energy, passion and spirit associated with both the untamed wilderness environment that surrounds Elkford, and the adventurous spirit that defines her people.

The following is a condensed version of our brand standards and styling quide, for print and web, respectively. Please use these standards when creating materials about Elkford. 

Print Guidelines

Logo and Tagline


Approved colour for the Elkford logo is Pantone 582. White is accepted for use with dark backgrounds.

Pantone: 582
For use with Light Backgrounds
The logo should never appear as a screen
(less than 100%) of Pantone 582.
For use with Dark Backgrounds


The Elkford logo is a stylized graphic based upon the Escrita font family. Tag Line Font - Myriad Roman. The Tag Line font should not be less than 50%, or greater than 100%, the height of the Elkford graphic. All text is 100% Pantone 582 or White on a dark background.


The Tag Line must always accompany the logo unless when using the logo to brand a specific department within The District of Elkford. In this instance, the department, and not The District, is branded, and as such, the logo is used as a graphic identifier only (ie, The District of Elkford Fire Department).

Logo and Tagline Placement


The District of Elkford logo must never be placed at a size less than 1.5” (3.175cm) and at no less than 15% of the total viewable area width of the document. This size limit applies to all printed and electronic applications excluding outdoor media where the size ratio must then be no less than 25% of the viewable area width.

Relief area

The empty area surrounding the logo must be a minimum of 2 x-heights (x-height is measured starting from the baseline to the top of the “e” in the word “elkford”). No information, imagery or trim may encroach upon this area.

Placement In Print Collateral

The District of Elkford logo may be placed in the top center, or the lower right of any given document, with consideration given to pertinent message and intent of document. Never place the logo in the upper or lower left corner. The Elkford icon is never to appear without the “Wild at heart.” Tagline.


Web Guidelines

Brand Guidelines & Logo

Minimum Sizes for Logo & Usages

The minimum spacing around the District of Elkford logo is the length of two letter “A”’s or 25px whichever is the greater. The District of Elkford logo should appear no smaller than 100 pixels wide at 72dpi for the web or digital templates.

The logo must always reside on top of a plain coloured background that does not interfere with the clarity of the logo. A white coloured background is preferred for images.

Do not distort, colorize or modify the logo in any way.


The Elkford logo is a stylized graphic based upon the Escrita font family. The Tagline font is Myriad Roman.

Logo Colour Standards

These are the colours which comprise the District of Elkford Brand – A primary colour palette forms a complementary set of colours to use in the design process to ensure consistency of visual identity and visually appealing colour combinations. A secondary colour palette can be used in specific contexts if, for example, different colour highlights are used to represent different pages or sections of the site.

Approved colour for the Elkford logo is Pantone 582. White is accepted for use with dark backgrounds. Always use these specific values for accurate reproduction.

Typefaces & Font Styles


Use the Trebuchet MS typeface for overall site. You may use the Regular and Bold variations of this font. Please use Helvetica, sans-serif font if Trebuchet MS is unavailable, but Trebuchet MS is the preferred font to be used.