Lock Box Program

Lock Box Program

More than 5,000 North American Police and Fire Departments rely on a security key lock box system to enter properties quickly and safely during an emergency response. The property owner purchases a lock box device and mounts it near the main building entrance. Lock boxes should never contain keys other than for the main lobby entrance, common areas, roof access, stairwells, firefighters' elevator, or other public areas in the building.

There are many benefits to this voluntary program, and in many cases, it pays for itself the first time the system is used. The primary reason to use this system is for rapid, secure access for the Fire Department; a secondary benefit is that the Fire Department does not damage your property when forcing doors or windows in an emergency.

What does the lock box system do for you?
- It provides immediate emergency entry in case of fire, medical or other type of emergency.
- It prevents costly forced-entry damage to doors or windows.
-  Undamaged doors can be re-secured after an emergency without need for a building manager or private security personnel.
- It allows faster Fire Department entry, reducing the potential damages because of a fire.
- It allows first responders to enter if a building occupant is unable to open the door.
- It reduces firefighter injuries.
- It increases Fire Department efficiency.
- It ensures the ultimate security of your building's access.

When responding to a fire or medical emergency and confronted with a locked entry door, department personnel will visually check the area near the main entry door to determine if the building has been fitted with a lock box. Placing keys in these special, tamper- resistant boxes in a visible location near the main entry door minimizes delays in gaining access to the building and eliminates damage that may be caused by a forcible entry, if required. Emergency personnel will gain access to the keys from the box, and after using them for the purpose intended, the Captain or the Chief in charge will ensure the keys are replaced and secure. The Fire Department stores the keys to access the lock boxes in a pass-code protected, secure locking device accessible only to authorized fire services personnel.

NOTE: When in place, key lock boxes WILL NOT be used to gain non-emergency access to a building unless the building owner, manager or agent is present.

The Knox Box System
The Elkford Fire Rescue Service has chosen a new locking mechanism for the lock boxes located on buildings in the District of Elkford. EFR believes that the benefits of a secure fire department lock box are invaluable to building owners, managers and occupants, as well as fire department personnel. For these reasons, we are now initiating a secure lock box system. The system is called the Knox Box high security system. This system will provides a secure method for building key storage.

Loaner Lock Boxes
Elkford Fire Rescue has a couple of loaner units for persons who are temporarily disabled or otherwise in a position where they may not be able to come to the door if they require assistance. These loaners are designed to slip over a door and when the door is closed and locked, the lock box is as secure as if it were permanently fastened to the building.