Information for Home Buyers

Information for Home Buyers

Buying a new home may be one of the largest purchases you will ever make and there are some things you should know to avoid any unpleasant surprises once you take possession. Be sure to enquire about the following:

    • Title Certificate – This document lists whether there are any liens or claims against the property of which you should be aware, as  well as any restrictions and covenants. You can obtain one through Service BC or from your notary public or lawyer.

    • Land Use Letter – You also want to ask your property conveyancer to request a Land Use letter from the District of Elkford. This is very important as it will let you know if all structures located on the property you are purchasing have received a final inspection. Any issues from outstanding or missing permits become the liability of the current property owner.

    • New Home Warranty – If this is a newer home, check with the Homeowner Protection Office to see if it is covered by warranty. This could be either an Owner Built warranty or Residential Builder warranty. Be sure you are aware of the different coverage by each type. You can find more information at Carefully read the package you are provided with by the seller as there are different deadlines for different types of warranty claims. Mark down the deadlines on a calendar, and then make sure you get the claim in at least five days before the deadline.

You should also familiarize yourself with the maintenance you must do to ensure your warranty remains valid. You could find a claim regarding deficient heating or water penetration into your basement is deemed to be invalid if you forget to change your furnace filters or fail to clean out your gutters.

Hire a professional home inspector to do a walkthrough before your warranty expires. This will allow your home to go through all four seasons, which is enough time for major defects to start showing up, and you’ll still be able to get them fixed under the first stage of the standard provincial warranty, which covers against material and labour defects.

Zoning - Are you sure you can build that shed you need? Check with the District of Elkford to get the correct information, including any easements or restrictions that may impact your construction plans.

Property Pins - It is the responsibility of the property owner to locate the property pins. To avoid a costly survey, make sure you know where they are before you take possession. It is unlawful to remove or tamper with an official property pin and you will need this information if you want to add a fence or structure in the future.

The District of Elkford is a good source of information about the property you are buying. Got questions – we have answers! Call us, we’re here to help.