Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Corporate Vision

The future vision of Elkford is one of a safe, healthy, vibrant, progressive and sustainable community in a wilderness environment. The community will have a stable and diversified economy, supported by citizens with a strong sense of community pride.

Corporate Mission

Through innovative leadership we provide opportunities for responsible growth, in harmony with industry and the environment. We take advantage of opportunities that enhance affordable community living and sustain the quality of life citizens, businesses and visitors expect.

Corporate Values

Ethics We act with ethics and integrity in our decisions and in our day-to-day operations
Fairness We treat all people in a fair and consistent manner
Accountability We are accountable for our actions and decisions. We do what we say and we communicate our actions and results
Innovation We are innovative. We are continually looking for ways to do things better by thinking “out of the box”
Competency We ensure our council and our staff have the skills and information necessary to make informed decisions and to act effectively in providing services to the community
Responsibility We act to ensure that what we do today does not endanger the sustainability of the future community or the environment