Property Taxes

Property Taxes

The main revenue source for the District is raised through property taxes. Council adopts a Property Tax Rate Bylaw by May15th each year.

Property taxes are payable on or before the first business day after July 1st of each year. Your annual property tax notice will have this day printed as the due date. Unpaid current year taxes will have an automatic ten percent (10%) penalty applied after the due date, which includes unclaimed home owner grants.

Property Assessments

Wondering what the purpose of property assessments is? Check out the link below to a video from BC Assessment that explains it all!

Assessment of your property is conducted by the BC Assessment Authority. You should receive your assessment notice at the beginning of January each year, and the deadline for appeal is January 31st. Your assessment is what your property taxes will be based on. The assessment you receive for the current year is based on the market value of your property as of July 1st of the prior year.

Assessment information is made available on-line at and you are able to review assessments for not only Elkford, but the entire province. Recent sale information is also updated so you are able to compare your property to market value.

The BC Assessment office that handles the assessments for Elkford is located in Cranbrook and they can be reached at 1.800.556.9229 or by e-mail at

Change of Address

This electronic form (or printable version of the form found here) can be used to update BC Assessment of any changes to your mailing address. Before filling out this form, please have your property assessment or assessment roll number with you to assist you through this process. If you have any issues filling out this form, please contact your local assessment office.