Streets and Roads

Streets and Roads

Public Works endeavours to clear all roadways and sidewalks as soon as possible following significant snowfalls in accordance with the Snow Removal & Ice Control Policy.

During normal operations, snow is ploughed or blown onto the boulevards. Removal of snow from the end of driveways is the responsibility of the property owner. As time permits between snowfalls, the operators will remove snow piles from intersection corners to improve visibility.

Per the District of Elkford Traffic and Streets Amendment Bylaw No. 735, 2012, parking on any highway, roadway, street, or lane between the hours of 6:00 am and 4:00 pm from November 1 to March 31, inclusive, is prohibited.

A vaccuum style sweeper is used to sweep the streets of Elkford. Typically, the centre of the street is swept as soon as it is clear of ice in the spring. A final sweep is conducted after the residents have had ample opportunity to rake excess gravel from their lawns back onto the street.

Road patching and crack filling is carried out throughout the year, based on operational and maintenance schedules.

Sidewalks are swept, cleaned and repaired as dictated by operational needs. Future repairs will be made, utilising interlocking bricks, in line with established smart growth principles.

The gravel roads, southern portion of Alpine Way and the Elk Lakes Road north of Elkford to the cattle guard, are graded and dust control is applied when necessary.

The Elk Lakes Road from the end of the pavement within the northern edge of the District of Elkford to the Elk Lakes Provincial Park is a Ministry of Forests controlled road.

Repairs to bridges and maintenance of dykes, as well as monitoring of Boivin Creek and the Elk River water levels during freshet periods are undertaken by the Public Works staff, as required.

Annual cleaning and flushing of storm sewers ensures that the storm water system is able to accommodate the flows experienced during major rainfall events. Most storm water discharges into outfalls, eventually making its way to either Boivin Creek or the Elk River. For this reason, it is important that no chemicals are disposed of down the storm drains, leading to possible contamination of the eco-system.

The speed limit within the District of Elkford is 50 km/h unless otherwise posted.

Painting of crosswalks, school & playground zones and fire hydrant no parking zones are undertaken as necessary. Centerline marking is contracted out. Street signage is maintained and replaced as necessary. Please report any damaged or missing signs to Public Works at 250.865.4025 or e-mail.

The Public Works Department is able to provide a variety of services for residents, when a private contractor is not available. These services are provided at the property owner's expense. For applicable fees Fees and Charges Bylaw, Schedule C.

Street Lighting

All street lights within the municipality use low-pressure high voltage sodium bulbs. The public is encourage to report any outages or malfunctions to the Public Works Department.

Trial  LED street lights have been installed along the east portion of Alpine Way.

All Christmas decorations have been converted to LED bulbs in the 2007-2008 season.